Welcome To FreedomCall

Simple Solutions

Our aim is to deliver a straightforward value for money solution for your home of office telephony services, both fixed line and broadband.

On our web site you will find the line rental rates, call charges and so on in an open and transparent way. We hope that you like what you see and are interested in becoming a FreedomCall customer. We do not expect you to fill in forms, make phone calls or anything else to find out what it will cost or what you have to do; we have tried to make all the information available here as we believe there is nothing worse than trawling through a web site to get to the prices. However, if you wish to register for one of our services we do need a certian amount of information before we can proceed, Enquiry page.
We provide straightforward business line rental and call packages, broadband services, data services, mobile call packages and IVR systems.

Since 2004 FreedomCall has provided a range of reliable and cost effective solutions from simple call and lines to complex Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions to homes and small businesses. Together with our technology partners we have deployed IVR systems to our client sites in the UK and further afield, such as Pakistan where we have implemented large prepaid calling card systems. FreedomCall are proud to support Solitaire 500 Magnetic Swipe Card Payphone service and Solitaire Phonecards.

Our network

We partner with a Tier 1 carrier enabling direct access to the Open Reach platform for provisioning, modification and maintenance of all the lines we support for our customers. Through this facility we are able to connect, monitor and update the services we offer without the need to call upon third parties.

About our Broadband Services

Depending on your needs we can provide simple and reliable home broadband using unlimited ADSL2 or capped ADSL and fibre based broadband to your office,.

Fibre based broadband offers up to 40GB downstream/10GB upstream and ADSL broadband offers from 8GB to 24GB downstream depending on location relative to your local exchange.