FreedomCall Residential Pay-Per-Call Rates:

   Daytime6  Evening6  Weekend6
 UK National  0.02  0.01  0.0075
 UK Local  0.02  0.01  0.0075
 Vodafone  0.09  0.09  0.09
 O2  0.09  0.09  0.09
 Orange  0.09  0.09  0.09
 T-Mobile  0.09  0.09  0.09
 3 and Other (incl Channel Islands)  0.30  0.20  0.20

All Rates

All rates are £.00 per minute and are billed per second with no minimum charge, some connection charges may apply.
Country Called Standard Evening Weekend

Package Terms and Conditions

Numbers prefixed 0845, 0844, 087, Internet calls, Premium Rate Services, mobile numbers, information and paging services are excluded. Other exclusions and terms and conditions apply.

  1. Means calls of up to an hour to numbers beginning 01, 02 and 03, excluding the Channel Islands. Redial within 60 minutes to avoid call charges.
  2. Residential customers only. For Call Plan only customers line rental to BT costs apply.
  3. If you do not tkae line rental from FreedomCall you will continue to pay line rental to BT.
  4. Calls that exceed 60 minutes will be charged at 0.05 per minute, with no minimum charge or call set-up charge (unlike other operators).
  5. AnyTime Overseas, calls to international landline numbers only and those exceeding 60 minutes will be charged at a standard rate of 0.05 per minute. Redial within 60 minutes to avoid call charges.
  6. Peak time is 0800 to 1800 Monday to Friday, Weekend rates apply 0000 Saturday to 0000 Monday all other time periods are economy rated.