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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVR is an industry term for a computer answering the phone call instead of a live operator. IVR services are the most efficient way of dealing with large volumes of call traffic. IVR equipment interacts with callers, providing them with relevant information or services freeing up valuable staff resources enabling calls to be dealt with more efficiently.

IVR Call Routing refers to the automated routing of customer calls. This uses a telephony technology called Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) in which the customer uses a touch-tone telephone to interact with a database to acquire information from, or enter data into, the database. The customer interacts with a phone system by picking from a list of options, which will direct the call to the staff member, department or automated response that is most appropriate to handle the enquiry e.g. "For Sales press 1... To enquire about your order status press 2..."

We are primary providers of this technology from our datacentre in London, and our IVR systems have the capacity to handle very high volumes of traffic.

We can integrate your existing phone number with our IVR systems, or supply your business with a Non Geographic Phone Number which can provide your company with a national identity.

Freedomcall IVR will ensure customer contact is maintained 24/7. Customers can call for information and leave messages if they wish at any time, and our high capacity means customers are not kept waiting.

Hosted IVR can provide all the call routing and distribution plus call recording facilities of an in-house setup without the associated high expenditure. Our IVR services are available either off the shelf, or as bespoke enterprise level applications, and at significantly lower and more flexible costings.

IVR information services are supplied by many different organisations such as service providers, corporate organisations, SME’s and the public sector. Calls are dealt with efficiently and thousands of calls can be processed simultaneously. Call tariffs for these services can be premium rate, national rate or free, depending on the nature of the service being provided. Callers contact our IVR platforms and follow a series of prompts to obtain the service they require. If they are not comfortable with the IVR service, they can transfer to a live operator at any time. Typical information services provided by our customers include:

  • Weather forecast services
  • Sports information and chat lines
  • Financial information services
  • Business information services
  • Store opening times
  • Travel information
  • Horoscope services